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About Us

Company Location

DISC Professional Training Center s located in Famagusta, a medium sized city, in North Cyprus. It is not only the beautiful beaches and the sunny weather that makes this island a popular tourist destination, North Cyprus has also become a well known destination for students of higher education.

About us

DISC Integrated Solution Company founded in 2014, established DISC Professional Training Center as the subsidiary company, in order to deliver training programs. It has started operating in June 2015, by delivering English and Turkish as a foreign Language Courses. By already having made agreements with governments in the Middle East, DISC is moving towards providing training packages to trainees/companies who want to improve both their language and professional skills.

Our aim

 DISC Professional Training Center is delivering high end training programmes to private and public organizations, that aim to improve employee skills and thus increase their productivity and improve service delivery. In addition we aim to provide training courses for university students who would like to get ready for their professional career and thus have higher chances for employability. Since we believe that each learner is unique, we inquire and consult our candidates in terms of abilities, interests, and learnings styles.

Our Mission

Considering the fast global development in technology and Soft Skills, we believe that offering up-to-date training courses are an obligatory necessity for everybody’s career. Disc Professional Training Center strives to provide career oriented training pro-grammes and consultancy services for:

  • newly graduated or about-to-graduate university students,
  • public and private sector employees,
  • companies and governmental institutions,
  • and anybody who would like to acquire new skills.

It is in our interest to offer training programmes which will add value to the individual’s qualifications and institutional credentials. For that reason, it is in our concern to offer beside our set courses, also tailor made courses. Respectively, our customers have a pleasant and profitable experience working with DISC.

Our Vision

Besides our local accreditations, we aim our courses to be accredited by well-established international institutions. Furthermore, we envision to expand our company to Turkey and the MENA region. We believe that it is of high importance to also reach out to customers who have restrictions in time. Accordingly, we endeavour to offer webinars and distance learning programmes, which will enable participants to profit from our high expertise.

Our Values

We are dedicated to:

  • respect people’s human rights to education,
  • respect people regardless of their race, gender, nation, or religion,
  • be honest and transparent in every aspect of our institution,
  • raise and develop awareness in terms of the importance of professional training in North Cyprus.

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