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General English



The General English program will give you a practical understanding of the English Language both written and spoken. General English is aiming to train you in all four communication skills which are speaking, reading, listening, writing by also focusing on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.


Who should attend?

It is suitable for all levels of individuals in the organizations/companies/community who would like to improve their English Language level and maximize their ability to communicate effectively with English speakers. This program is specially suitable and beneficial for those who do not speak English as a first language.


The course enables you to:

  • use the target language appropriately,
  • improve your knowledge of grammar,
  • new vocabulary through speaking, listening and reading,
  • take part in conversation to improve your fluency,
  • how to focus on your writing skills, looking at different types of written  text and register, practice your pronunciation including individual sounds, stress and intonation.

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